London Interior Design

The city of London inspires the greatest aggregates of classical and modern design. Skyscrapers with shining glass facades sit next to the nearly 1,000 year old Tower of London. As London interior designers, we use juxtaposing sights such as this as our muse. The bones of victorian apartments in Mayfair give way to the finest of luxury home interiors. The sleek, modern architecture of a new hotel in Westminster provides opportunity to incorporate gilded metals and plush textiles to mimic the city’s energy in hotel interior design.


Residential London Interior Design

Our design services in London encompass the residential, commercial, and hospitality markets. Some of our most enjoyable works have been in bedroom design. It is an intimate space in which people want to feel relaxed, luxurious, and maybe even a little bit honored. Everyone has that one special room of the house they expect to make them feel a certain way. Which is why balance is so important in luxury home design. Too many sharp edges starts to feel cold, while a surplus of plush textiles can be suffocating. Our key to achieving balance is by daring to meld old and new. As said by co-founder Michelle Jolas,

“I joined forces with Lauren because of her love of furniture history and combining styles. She would easily combine a Louis IV table with Milo Baughman chairs.”


London is one of the most dynamic cities in the world. With the right interior designs, London’s cultural influences, rich history, and vibrant aesthetics can infiltrate an office or boutique from corner to corner. We collaborate with commercial clients to discover the ideals for how employees and clients should both feel in and interact with the space. Office spaces provide an environment that invites productivity. And shopping spaces grace customers with an experience that feels exclusive to London.


Commercial London Interior Design

While rooms of a home aim to deliver a feeling, rooms of a hotel, we believe, deliver an experience. Our goal is to exceed guests’ expectations as soon as they open the lobby door, again when they step off the lift, and finally, once again, when they open the door of their room. Comfort is certainly key in hospitality. And we never back down from the challenge of creating the ultimate comfort while eclipsing the standard for great interior design.

Let’s collaborate on something exceptional.