Matt Kosterman Photography

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Matt was the mastermind photographer behind our “Breaking Trad” residence, “Euro Style” residence and Michelle’s bio photograph. He is a joy to work with and has an amazing eye for details.

“Wow! That was fun!” is what the majority of clients say at the end of a session with Matt. This from the same person whose words prior to the session were “I hate having my picture taken.”

Matt’s innate ability to connect with people, his natural curiosity, and a passion for learning new things enable him to create images that are as distinctive as they are authentic.

After selling the lab in 2010 he continued photographing children in his unique and revealing lifestyle technique. He leveraged his wide base of photographic knowledge, acquired over nearly 20 years in the industry and began photographing a multitude of assignments. While five of his photos of Wrigley Field were chosen for the MLB book “A Century of Wrigley Field”, and the corporate headquarters of Sloan Valve are a veritable gallery of his industrial fine art work, his primary focus is executive portraiture and corporate lifestyle photography.

When he’s not taking pictures, you’ll typically find him on a tennis court or watching his amazing daughters as they grow up way too fast.

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Matt’s portrait was shot by Johnny McGuire