Miami Interior Design

The soaring skylines, white sand beaches and bright turquoise waters of Miami inspire a high-class eccentricity that cannot be found anywhere else. Which is why we at SKIN are so pleased to be present among the residents, businesses, and hospitality industry members of this coastal metropolis.


Residential interior designers Miami

Life in Miami is often categorized as playful, breezy, and a little eclectic. The right home styling will expertly reflect that. Our designers, Lauren Lozano Ziol and Michelle Jolas, are renowned for their ability to meld modern flair with classic elements in order to create a home atmosphere that is altogether functional and inviting. We listen for what inspires you; what you love most about the city of Miami; and how you want to feel in your home. Watch as these three elements unfold into an interior that is uniquely yours. 


What better structure to start with than one of Miami’s brilliant examples of art deco. Or a breathtaking tower of sleek and modern construction. Miami commercial buildings- no matter the era- stand against one of the most beautiful backdrops in the country. Our approach to commercial interior design is multi-faceted. First, we embrace the look and feel of both the framework of the space as well as your brand. Secondly, and possibly more importantly, we want to understand your organizational culture. Is the work environment a continuation of a morning run along the beach? Or is it a quiet retreat from the liveliness that floods Miami’s streets? For both the office spaces and shopping environments we work within, modern interior design takes into account the aesthetic, functionality, and flow of energy throughout a space to create a truly enjoyable environment.   

Commercial interior designers Miami


Hospitality interior designers Miami

Immersed in the buoyant atmosphere of this city, we understand the life a Miami hotel is capable of breathing throughout every room, hallway, and common space. Restaurants that overlook the street have the ability to become part of something much larger: an entire scene filled with live music, dazzling lights, and the sound of crashing waves. Our team is well versed in creating hospitality spaces that do not place guests in a manufactured environment, rather, actively involve guests in the environment they have come to experience.

Let’s collaborate on your vision of a true coastal paradise.