Palm Beach Interior Design

Combining old world aesthetics with stunning contemporary designs is a staple of SKIN and an approach so well suited to the allure of Palm Beach. Taking inspiration from Gilded Age architecture that dapples the Palm Beach scene and the brilliant colors of the landscape, SKIN creates residential, office, and hospitality spaces that surge with the Palm Beach sensation. 


There is something exquisite about Palm Beach. Our designers, Lauren Lozano Ziol and Michelle Jolas are passionate about bringing that splendiloquent atmosphere into residential interior design. A beautiful home inspires confidence, character, and good humor. By combining a cosmopolitan perspective with unexpected flair, Lauren and Michelle elevate Palm Beach homes to a level only attainable along the turquoise waters of southern Florida. 


Drawing from the ceaselessly perfect weather of Palm Beach and the lively flowers and plants lining this coastal paradise, it becomes almost effortless in Palm Beach to fill a functional environment with a vivacity that bolsters productivity and culture. Energetic spaces generate enthusiasm. The graphic sensibility of designer Michelle Jolas is the perfect complement to designer Lauren Lozano Ziol’s propensity for furniture history and fine art in designing an office that reflects not just an organization’s aim but also the style in which they achieve it.  


SKIN’s use of unexpected and provocative combinations in luxurious hospitality interior design melds with all that Palm Beach offers visitors. We capture everything from the touches of revival and renaissance among the mansions, chic punches of color along the finest shopping and dining destinations, and the legendary tone of the island’s landmarks to craft an iconic interior for hotel guests to enjoy.