SKIN believes that great design is for everyone. Projekt SKIN is a non-profit organization that transforms the existing spaces of other non-profits through design services and in-kind donations. We are committed to creating amazing environments for spaces and places in need. SKIN donates a percentage of profits to the selected non-profit organization.

SKIN is proud to announce its first charity project collaborating with the Common Pantry. Our mission was to help the Common Pantry create a happy place full of generosity and compassion while redesigning their shopping area to accommodate more people, access to more food, and better organization. Statistics say one in six Chicagoans, more than 807,000 men, women and children, suffer from food insecurity. For the past 50 years, the Common Pantry has been dedicated to providing emergency food and social services on Chicago’s northside, while addressing the root causes of food insecurity and poverty. In one year, the Common Pantry received 65,000 pounds of food that were donated by individual donors and food drives. What makes the Common Pantry special is how they utilize an award-winning client choice model that allows people to select items they receive through a “shopping experience.”

Help make an impact on food insecurity for people in Chicago by donating to the Common Pantry today at